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  • Harness Strap | Double Guitar or Bass Strap

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    Double shoulder guitar strap to balance and lighten your guitar or bass

    • Balances the weight between shoulders for better ergonomics
    • The Heel Strap moves a portion of the weight to the players waist 
    • No modification required
    • Waist belt adjusts from 32 to 44 inches (measured above navel, custom sizing available for additional fee)
    • Eliminates neck dive
    • A must for heavy guitar and bass players

    Is a heavy guitar or bass killing your shoulder? Are your back and arms aching after playing? The weight reducing dual shoulder guitar strap design of our Harness Strap will help you enjoy playing that heavy bass or guitar again without all of the related pain issues a standard guitar strap can cause. This weight relief guitar strap allows you to balance the weight of your instrument between both shoulders or adjust more weight to one or the other shoulder. The waist belt and heel strap also helps distribute a portion of your instrument's weight to your waist to help lighten the overall load on your shoulders. For bass players, the heel strap will also help absorb the weight of your arm resting on the body of the guitar. No other guitar or bass strap offers this many weight distribution combinations! See video for more information.

    You can find an adapter that connects the two shoulder straps to one HERE.

    Made from heavy weight PolyPro, this webbing is soft, moisture, mildew, stretch and U.V. resistant. The thick leather strap ends are stitched securely with nylon upholstery thread. We use a heavy duty 2" polyacetal side release buckle for easy grip and release placed off center so as not to worm or scratch the back of the guitar. 

    Handmade in Los Angeles, Ca.