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Acoustic Hip Strap guitar strap

Waist guitar strap for hollow body guitars

  • Eliminates shoulder strap for acoustics, semi-hollow & hollow body guitars
  • Waist belt adjusts from 32 to 42 inches (measured above navel, extended sizing available)
  • Adjustable playing height & angle
  • Adhesive hook & loop included*
  • Holds guitar securely in lap while seated

Imagine supporting the entire weight of your instrument on your waist and relieving the pain and pressure traditional acoustic guitar straps place on your shoulder. Wouldn't that be amazing? The Acoustic Hip Strap is a weight relief guitar strap that totally eliminates the need for a shoulder strap on acoustic, semi-hollow and hollow body guitars (including electric) using a patented leather and Velcro (hook & loop) tab to securely attach your guitar to the strap. The acoustic guitar strap also keeps your guitar in a balanced and secure position while playing seated. See video for more information (see HIP STRAP for solid body guitars). Please click HERE to see what the Leash Strap is for the bundle pricing above.


Important Note: The Acoustic Hip Strap requires adding a strip of self adhesive Velcro (provided with strap) to the side or back of the guitar to allow the proper playing angle and positioning of your instrument (as shown in photos and video).

Warning: Use this product at your own risk. Slinger Straps is not liable for the installation or damage the adhesive materials may cause to your instruments finish or the damages to your instrument should the hook and loop connection fail. Unlike leather, this is a hook and loop connection. Proper consideration and care should be taken when playing an instrument that is attached to a strap in this fashion as variable pressures could cause the hook and loop to release. Inspect and clean the hook & loop regularly to ensure the best connection.

The heavy duty PolyPro webbing we use is soft, moisture, mildew, stretch and U.V. resistant. The thick leather end and Velcro piece is stitched with nylon upholstery thread to secure your guitar. A heavy duty polyacetal 2" plastic side release buckle is used for easy grip and release and is placed strategically to the side to avoid worming or scratching the back of your guitar. Made in the USA.