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  • Comfort Stretch Elastic Guitar or Bass Strap

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    Elastic guitar strap benefits:

    • The make-up of the elastic material actually makes your guitar feel lighter!
    • Relieves pressure points on shoulder to add comfort and endurance to your playing 
    • Length adjusts from 32 to 55 Inches

    Looking for relief and comfort in a standard 2 inch guitar strap? This unique strap is worn like any other electric guitar strap but has an added benefit: The high tension elastic material actually gives a little when pressure is applied. It's like putting shock absorbers between your shoulder and your guitar but it will not bounce your guitar like a yo-yo. The slight give lessons the impact on the tendons and nerves in your neck and shoulder making your overall playing experience much better. Plus, for some reason, the material actually makes your guitar feel lighter! The elastic guitar strap is wrapped in soft polyester thread for added strength and comfort and uses polyacetal hardware. This is sure to be your No. 1 Stretch Guitar Strap!

    Handmade in Los Angeles, Ca.