Slinger Straps

3-Inch Wide Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap Benefits:

  • 3-inch wide guitar strap with 4.5-inch wide shoulder pad
  • Width spreads the weight out over larger area on shoulder
  • 10mm thick Neoprene shoulder pad relieves pressure points
  • Makes playing more comfortable
  • Thick leather ends to secure guitar
  • Strap adjust from 36 to 60 inches!

Are pain issues keeping you from picking up your favorite guitar or bass? Are you looking for a more traditional solution than an ergonomic design? Our 3-inch wide guitar strap with our cushy 10mm thick contoured neoprene shoulder pad is a super comfortable way to calm those aches and pains. The strap adjusts from 36 to 60 inches in length and the wider footprint means you'll spread the weight out over a larger area on your shoulder, relieving the nerve compression thinner straps can cause. The low profile shoulder pad measures 13 inches long x 4.5 inches wide and is contoured to keep the pad from digging in to your neck. Neoprene offers more comfort and longer lasting cushion then generic foam shoulder pads while maintaining a lighter, more streamlined appearance then the bulkier gel shoulder pads. Take this puppy for a test drive and feel the difference! See video for more information.


The 3-inch heavy duty PolyPro webbing is soft, moisture, mildew, stretch and U.V. resistant. Our thick leather strap ends are stitched securely with nylon upholstery thread. Polyacetal hardware. Made in the USA.

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