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  • Guitar or Bass Strap Shoulder Pad

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    Make it a padded guitar strap!

    • Thick 3/8th's inch (10mm) Neoprene material
    • Universal application for many guitar and bass straps
    • Fits wide guitar straps up to 3 inches
    • Tapered design avoids strap cutting into neck
    • Turns any 2 or 3 inch standard guitar strap into a padded guitar strap!

    Our Neoprene Shoulder Pad is the perfect guitar strap accessory to add comfort to your playing. The 3/8th's inch (10mm) thick contoured shoulder pad helps absorb and distribute the weight of your instrument to a larger area of your shoulder while relieving the pressure points non-padded guitar straps can create. The cushy shoulder pad is 13 inches in length and 4.5 inches at its widest points, contoured in the middle to avoid digging into your neck. The strap openings can accommodate up to a 3-inch poly, cotton, nylon or standard (non-padded) leather guitar straps from many manufacturers. Slip a 3-inch wide guitar strap through the top channels, or, utilize the  elastic channels underneath the top skin to keep a 2-inch or smaller guitar strap centered to the pad (see photos). The perfect addition for all of Slinger's guitar straps to make your playing experience even more comfortable.

    The Slinger Straps Neoprene guitar strap Shoulder Pad is lined with nylon on the bottom and has a strong polyester material on the top for a clean look and lasting durability.

    Handmade in Los Angeles, Ca.