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  • Elastic Camera Neck Strap | 2-Inch Wide | Adjustable Length

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    Flex, width and adjustability equals more comfortable shooting

    • Heavy-Duty elastic strap cushions the weight hanging on neck or shoulder
    • 2" width reduces the discomfort thinner straps can cause
    • Fully adjustable form 28 to 50 inches in length (not including webbing ends) to wear around neck or cross-body
    • 12 inches of nylon webbing on each end so you can safely attach many camera models
    • The best camera strap for heavy gear

    Slinger Straps heavy duty 2-inch wide adjustable elastic camera strap is designed for a professional photographers comfort and utility. Whether you want to shorten it to wear as a neck camera strap or lengthen it to wear it as a cross-body camera strap, you have plenty of options to keep your gear at a length that works best for your needs. Great for photographers wearing multiple cameras that want to avoid gear impacts and keep your camera at the most comfortable length. Made with the same material as our guitar straps, the 2-inch wide elastic camera sling creates a wider load bearing footprint than thinner camera straps and helps minimize the snags, bumps and tugs that come along with carrying heavy camera gear.

    Made with small rubber cords at its core, the polyester thread top layer of the material makes the strap soft to the touch while the bonded nylon thread at the connection points adds strength and security for your expensive gear. Each strap includes two slide locks and two end keepers for a clean, polished professional look. All hardware is made from strong Polyacetal to help avoid scratching your gear for years to come. Only available in black.

    Made in Los Angeles, Ca.