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  • Sling Strap Videos

    Sling Strap Product Overview Video:

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    The benefits of the Sling Strap guitar strap

    This video demonstrates how to use the Sling Strap guitar strap from Slinger Straps and discusses the many health benefits this ergonomic guitar strap offers players who suffer from pain or discomfort when wearing a traditional over-the-shoulder guitar strap.

    • Appearance of strap from front
    • How the guitar strap supports the weight of the guitar or bass
    • How to switch the shoulder strap to the opposite shoulder
    • How to put the guitar strap on
    • How to attach a guitar to the guitar strap
    • How to adjust the guitars playing height

    The video answers all of your questions regarding how to wear and fit this guitar strap. This ergonomic guitar strap uses the combination of a waist strap, heel strap and a shoulder strap to lighten the weight of the instrument on the players shoulder while also giving the player the option to switch the shoulder strap to the opposite shoulder to relieve pain or discomfort.