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  • Hip Strap Videos

    Mark Tomorsky demonstrating the playability of the Hip Strap:

    Ariel Bellvalaire also demonstrating how to shred with the Hip Strap:

    Hip Strap Product Overview Video:

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    The benefits of the Hip Strap waist guitar strap

    This video demonstrates how to attach and wear the Hip Strap waist guitar strap from Slinger Straps as well as identifies the many health benefits this ergonomic guitar strap can offer players who suffer from pain or discomfort when wearing a traditional over-the-shoulder guitar strap.

    • How the guitar strap supports the weight around the players waist
    • How to put the waist guitar strap on
    • How to attach a guitar to the guitar strap
    • How to adjust the guitars playing height
    • Positioning the fret board closer or further way from the player

    Traditional guitar straps have one major design flaw. They place all of the guitars weight in one spot on the players shoulder. This position places pressure on the nerves, muscles and tendons that run through the neck and shoulder and down the fretting arm. Guitar weight, time and/or an injury can cause a player many physical difficulties when bearing the weight in this fashion. This ergonomic guitar strap removes all of the instruments weight off of the players shoulder and moves it to the waist, relieving the shoulder pressure all together.