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  • Leather Hip Strap Guitar or Bass Strap

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    Leather Waist Guitar Strap for Solid Body guitars

    • Completely eliminates the instruments weight on your shoulder and upper back
    • Eliminates shoulder muscle and nerve compression issues a standard guitar strap can cause
    • Eliminates neck dive
    • Adjustable neck angle
    • Beautifully stitched border with brass screw fasteners
    • Many waist sizes available

    With this comfortable ergonomic guitar strap, you can remove all of the shoulder weight of your guitar or bass and enjoy playing without the back and shoulder pain, or the tingling and numbness a standard guitar strap can cause from bearing all of the weight on one shoulder.

    The benefit of the Leather Hip Strap vs. our Standard Hip Strap, is that the leather version offers you more adjustability in relation to the Heel Strap placement and length, and the leather strap is beautifully made!

    Made from 100% Full Grain Leather cut directly from the cowhide, this durable guitar strap will only get softer and better the more you use it. The metal buckle is strategically placed to the side to avoid scratching or worming the back of your guitar. Because this is full grain leather is cut directly from the hide, you may find minor stretch marks or other imperfections that make the strap uniquely yours as we do not add a topcoat to simulate a perfect finish. You're getting real cowhide leather.

    Just select your actual waist measurement (above your navel, not your pant size) and you'll receive a beautiful handmade leather guitar strap that will bring you or the player your gifting years of joy and service. Again, DO NOT SELECT YOUR PANT SIZE! Those numbers are not accurate and could cause you to receive the wrong size strap.

    We do not import our straps from overseas using cheap labor. All of our leather guitar straps are hand cut directly from the cowhide, sewn, assembled and boxed right here in our Los Angeles workshop. To watch a video on how we make the Hip Strap, click HERE. Your order will include the leather strap(s), screw fasteners, and screw glue to make sure the screws don't back out.

    As you'll read in our customer reviews, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. If you ever have any issues or questions, please reach out HERE. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for our handmade leather straps to be shipped. Click HERE for a video tutorial on how to assemble the Leather Hip Strap.

    The video above demonstrates that and how to wear this ergonomic guitar strap. The strap demonstrated in the video is the same design only made from webbing.

    Important Note: For proper playing position, the Hip Strap guitar strap requires adding or moving a strap button to the lower bout or "horn" of the guitar (as shown in the videos and photos). There is a "strap button installation video" posted under the "Videos" tab in the top left corner of the page to assist you. Strap buttons are sold separately on this site for your convenience. Slinger Straps is not liable for the installation of the strap button nor the consequences to your instrument from performing the installation.