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Leash Strap

The Slinger Straps Leash Strap is designed to be used with both our Hip Strap and Acoustic Hip Strap guitar straps to support the top of the guitar from leaning forward*. Some players may experience that condition due to their body shape or the guitars center of gravity. The leash strap connects the top horn or neck strap buttons to the waist strap to keep the guitar in a flat playing position against the players body. It also includes a locking slider so you can quickly adjust the length as needed when switching guitars.

*This item does not include the Hip Strap waist guitar strap shown in the photo. The leash is made from PolyPro webbing which is moisture, mildew, stretch and U.V. resistant. The leather end is stitched securely with nylon upholstery thread for added security and durability. Made in the USA.