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Ergonomic Guitar Strap Waist Pad

Add more comfort to your ergonomic guitar strap

Enjoy extra comfort with any of our ergonomic designs with our Neoprene Waist Pad. The 10mm (3/8's inch) thick neoprene will help cushion and hold the waist strap in the location you position the waist belt. If you have a smaller waist, the unique design of the waist pad also allows you to cut the pad down in length so it won't overlap. The waist pad fits all of our standard sized ergonomic guitar straps.

*The waist pad takes about 2 inches out of the total length of the waist belt on the strap so if you have a 36 inch waist or larger and/or plan on layering clothing, you may want to order an extended size when ordering the guitar strap.