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2-Inch Black Leather Guitar Strap Kits | 10-Pack | 4 Hardware Colors

Save $4.00 per pair (vs buying individually) with Slinger Straps 5-Pack of 2-inch wide leather guitar strap kits. These high-quality, thick leather guitar strap end tabs are just what you need for your DIY guitar strap project. Each full grain leather piece is 2.5 to 3mm thick and is cut and assembled by hand. Each kit includes two each 2-inch black leather strap ends with sewn on metal loops and one 2-inch matching metal slider to adjust the strap. Four hardware colors are available for you to choose from: Nickel, Black, Antique Brass and Gold. All you need is the guitar strap material you want to put between these leather pieces. 

Made in the U.S.A.