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Leather Harness Guitar Strap

A leather Double Shoulder guitar strap that balances & reduces the weight of your guitar or bass

  • The ergonomic design balances the instrument across both shoulders offering you a more comfortable & enduring playing experience
  • The 2.5" wide shoulder straps offer a wide footprint to help spread the weight across your shoulder
  • The waist belt/ heel strap design moves a portion of the instruments weight to your waist, lightening the load on your shoulders and back
  • Made with thick full grain leather and strong bonded nylon stitching to offer you years of durability and service 
  • Option to use 1 shoulder strap to make our single shoulder "Sling Strap"
  • Helps eliminates neck dive
  • No modification required to guitar or bass
  • Different waist belt sizes available (measure above your navel!)

Introduced in March 2022, this leather Harness Strap is made of thick, 100% Full Grain Leather to bring you years and years of service. This beautiful handmade ergonomic guitar strap will offer you hours of comfortable playing without the nagging, aching pain a standard guitar strap can cause. This design is essential for relieving the nerve compression and tingling a standard guitar strap can cause from holding all of the instruments weight on one shoulder.

Are you also interested in our Sling Strap? Just remove the right shoulder strap and you have our single shoulder ergonomic "Sling" guitar strap. Because this strap is so  flexible, both designs are available in one strap.

This custom guitar strap not only includes length adjustable 2.5" wide shoulder straps, but also the ability to decide where to connect the shoulder straps to the waist belt to accommodate your personal preference. The Heel Strap on the right hip (right handed players) also has the ability to be adjusted forward or back on the waist strap in addition to the standard neck angle adjustments for a steeper or flatter neck. To top it off we've added adjustment capabilities to the guitar connection points in front to allow for height and fit adjustments on the fly, as well as a single connection point to the guitars top strap button. Once you've dialed in your preferred size adjustments, just slip the strap on, secure the waist buckle, and enjoy playing your favorite guitar or bass again without the suffering afterwards.

The strong and durable full grain leather will not only last for years and years, but will break in like an old baseball glove and get more and more comfortable with each use. Because it is directly cut from the hide, you may find some stretch marks, insect bite scars, etc. that make the strap uniquely yours as we do not add a topcoat to simulate a perfect finish. You're getting real cowhide. 

Please note: We do not import our straps from overseas using cheap labor. All of our leather guitar straps are hand cut directly from the cowhide, sewn, assembled and boxed right here in our Los Angeles workshop. You can watch a video of the straps being made HEREYour order includes all of the leather straps, screw fasteners, screw glue and metal D-rings.

We've not shot a video of the leather Harness Strap as of yet so if you're not familiar with our standard Harness Strap, please watch the video to see how it functions HERE. For a video tutorial on how to assemble the Leather Harness Strap, click HERE. The shoulder and Heel Strap adjustments utilize metal binding screws while the waist belt also uses a strong metal buckle that is strategically placed away from the guitar to avoid scratching and worming the back. Please reach out if you have any questions HERE.

As you'll read in our reviews, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service as you're the reason we are here. If you ever have any issues or questions, please reach out HERE. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for our handmade leather straps to be shipped. Signature will be required if USPS is selected as shipping service.